So just who are Kids on Acid, and what has made them one of the most sought-after rock to ever come off the coast of South Carolina? Well, the band's name should probably give you a little clue as to what you can expect. In a word, Kids On Acid music is definitely abnormal.

The band produces a rather unique sound by mixing together an exceptional blend of poppy hooks, offbeat patterns, aggressive instrumental breaks, and unforgettable female vocals that seem to cut through even the heaviest moments of orchestrated chaos.

Plus, Kids on Acid have a crazy range of unexpected cover songs that they love to break out when audiences least expect it. Overall, despite the ridiculous name, this is not a band to take lightly. Aside from a memorable performance, you never know what this band is going to deliver next. And that's what make it so fun.

So if you're curiosity has been peaked, there's only one thing left to do. Go check the Kids On Acid band for yourself.